fishy technology

Fishy Technology

When my new purchased Technology Transplant TT303 met with my TB303 Devilfish something good was bound to happen. What followed was a series of 15 minute acid workouts for you to enjoy. You can buy all three of these serious workouts from my bandcamp page [bandcamp width=350 height=555 album=267533983 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]


SH101 Business

This is my homage to the great little synth the Roland SH101. Each track is uses a specific VCO range to create the sounds. This is a 4 track EP with some proper techno vibes. You can buy it now direct from my bandcamp page. [bandcamp width=350 height=588 album=1185625637 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

New Studio

I’ve just moved house so have had to take down my old standing studio. I’ve got a bit more room at the new place so it’s allowed me to get some of my old gear out of storage and rack it all up again. I’ve used the ikea stolmen shelving system from my old standing […]

Live set from Creep

Thanks to the Creep crew for having me down to blast out some 808 action The party was in the basement of an old grain silo – concrete bunker – low ceiling and industrial waste everywhere This is the recording of my set. 808 – nto a yamaha MG12/4 mixer and a boss rrv-10 and […]

Roland MC202 patches from the wayback machine

I’ve been digging through my old bookmarks and have found some great patches for the Roland MC202 synth/sequencer. These are archived using the wayback machine. You can view the original patch data at Funky Synth by Enigma LFO VCO Source Mixer Rate Delay MOD Range PulseW *** Square Saw SubOSC *** 5 0 5 […]

808 Beast Sample Pack

I’ve created a new sample pack – its called the 808 Beast Sample pack and its out now via my bandcamp page. The sounds are from a Roland TR808 and given various amounts of distortion and AMP simulation – 8 levels of distortion for each sample. All the samples are recorded as 24 bit / […]

Sky Lab EP out now

SKY LAB EP OUT NOW. Some serious 909 techno business. “this is a rhythmic hymn to the power of the Roland rhythm box: rolling, jerking and jacking in all the best ways. For fans of Happa, Kowton, Blawan, Green Velvet, Thomas Bangalter, DJ Sneak, DJ Pierre etc. Don’t sleep on this.” Out now on at […]

Handmade Acid Good Friday BBQ

This Good Friday – David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack and owner of Melbourne’s Handmade Acid record label, invited a bunch of friends and the labels acid makers around for a celebration. This involved some good food, excellent drinks and a big synth session. For the gear heads, the Roland TR909 was the master clock device, this […]

Bitchin’ Sync Box

I recently received a Bitchin’ Sync box made by Bryan Benting. This is a great little din sync clock box. Basically it takes clock pulse or din sync and split it to the other din sync ports. It has 6 din sync sockets which is the same number of din sync clock driven gear that […]

New Release : Acid Council

I’ve got a new track out on Council House Recordings Acid Sampler. I’m really happy to get a track out on their label. They’re putting out some great old school acid house and techno, and they share my love of the analogue machines. The track is called Acid Council and the release clip is below. […]

TR-808 backplate

This is a Roland TR-808 backplate image I have reworked.The purpose is to remind me what connections go where. It has been reversed so it can sit behind the TR-808 facing the player and be read correctly. Feel free to download and print out it for yourself.The linked image should be big enough to resize […]

A definitive pictorial guide to programming a tb303

This is from the tinyloops website, I picked it up via blog How to programme, play a Roland TB303 in track and pattern mode. Nicely broken down into steps, all clearly explained with picture. I did a basic video of how to program a TB303 which covers some of this material but not […]

Roland TR-606 Samples

I have finally gotten around to sending my roland TR-606 off to Al at exfade to get modified. So before I send it off I have sampled each drum hit at full volume with accent on but set to zero and recorded from zero accent to full accent over a number of hits. Each sample […]

TS -303 : the acid screamer

My latest purchase has been the analogue renaissance ts-303 acid screamer distortion and overdrive pedalYou can find details of it on the analogue renaissance site.Basically it adds distortion but has the ability to keep the dynamics of the tracks thats being distorted, which is great for acid tracks and drums and any other type of […]