Bitchin’ Sync Box

bitchin' sync box

I recently received a Bitchin’ Sync box made by Bryan Benting.
This is a great little din sync clock box.
Basically it takes clock pulse or din sync and split it to the other din sync ports.
It has 6 din sync sockets which is the same number of din sync clock driven gear that I have.
The added bonus of this is by using something like RV0 Din Sync plugin or the Expert Sleepers Silent Way Din Sync generator I can run all the machines from the computer and have them locked tight without the midi conversion latency or other issues.
Also the box has 2 clock inputs so you can run half the box at one BPM and half the box at another BPM.

Here’s a set of pics demonstrating the setup.
I use the RV0 din sync plugin to generate the din sync clock signal.
The signal is a stereo signal that is sent from the channels 3/4 on the MOTU ultralite.
One channel sends tempo the other sends start and stop.
These go into the Bitchin Sync box and is split into all the din sync sockets.
Its a great little box and I’m also now able to use software based shuffle on my 303/606/808 which is great.


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