Roland MC202 patches from the wayback machine

I’ve been digging through my old bookmarks and have found some great patches for the Roland MC202 synth/sequencer. These are archived using the wayback machine. You can view the original patch data at Funky Synth by Enigma LFO VCO Source Mixer Rate Delay MOD Range PulseW *** Square Saw SubOSC *** 5 0 5 […]

New ableton acid patch

I’ve recently upgraded to ableton live studio 9 and that comes with the great and powerful analog synth. Its great for acid lines and I’ve made a patch you can download and use in your projects. It makes use of Analog, Amp, Reverb and the EQ eight. You can download the patch from dropbox […]

Bitchin’ Sync Box

I recently received a Bitchin’ Sync box made by Bryan Benting. This is a great little din sync clock box. Basically it takes clock pulse or din sync and split it to the other din sync ports. It has 6 din sync sockets which is the same number of din sync clock driven gear that […]

A definitive pictorial guide to programming a tb303

This is from the tinyloops website, I picked it up via blog How to programme, play a Roland TB303 in track and pattern mode. Nicely broken down into steps, all clearly explained with picture. I did a basic video of how to program a TB303 which covers some of this material but not […]

How to program a tb303

Here is a video I made on how to program a tb303, I go through erasing a pattern, writing the pitch data, writing the timing data and then editing pitch and timing data – the pattern isnt going be blowing any minds but it shows how to program the tb303 quite clearly. You can watch […]

tr1ksh-sh101 tips

I was going over some old files and found this tip about sequencing the roland sh101, so using this trick I sequenced in a little pattern and using the tr606 to play it here is a little live track, just the roland sh101 and tr606, distortion from the boss OS-2 and a little phaser in […]