Boss RPD-10 Panning Delay

I have been collecting the Boss Microrack effects units for a while now.

Whilst I don’t have the complete set of them, I have got the final one I have been looking for, for quite a while.

The Boss RPD-10, it is a stereo panning delay and chorus effect. It has 5 second to 2 second delay and a chorus.

It also has ability to hold the delay and ability to switch from mix to 100% effect for send only setup.

It sounds really nice. Here is a short video of it in action with the Roland TR808 congas going into it and a bit of hi-hat too.

It’s send up on send 6 and is going into a Boss RRV-10 stereo reverb.


The two effect racks I don’t have are the graphic equaliser and the RDD-20 delay – I have the RDD-10 and from the specs it looks like it’s the same.

If anyone does know the difference between the Boss RDD-10 and RDD-20 I’d be interested in hearing.

2 thoughts on “Boss RPD-10 Panning Delay

  1. I watched the video. I’m sad because I have been waiting for someone to post a demo of the RPD-10 doing stereo panning. Are you able to do that on just a single sound/instrument so I can hear the stereo panning? Also, the difference between the RDD-10 and 20 is the bit rate. Boss updated the bit rate on the 20 to keep up with the market increasing digital processor bit rates.

    • when I get some time I’ll try. Might be easier just to do audio only so you can hear it.
      Thanks for info re 10/20

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