Boss PC-2 Sample Set

I have just completed my Boss PC-2 sample set. The Boss PC-2 is a percussion synthesiser in a guitar pedal format. Its capable of some deep basses and some high pitched shrill laser sounds. I have recorded  5 separate patches at various pitch and decay modulations to result in a sample bank of around 300 samples. All samples were […]

808 Beast Sample Pack

I’ve created a new sample pack – its called the 808 Beast Sample pack and its out now via my bandcamp page. The sounds are from a Roland TR808 and given various amounts of distortion and AMP simulation – 8 levels of distortion for each sample. All the samples are recorded as 24 bit / […]

Roland TR-606 Samples

I have finally gotten around to sending my roland TR-606 off to Al at exfade to get modified. So before I send it off I have sampled each drum hit at full volume with accent on but set to zero and recorded from zero accent to full accent over a number of hits. Each sample […]