Sounds of the Devilfish – A Roland TB-303 Devilfish Sample Pack

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and thats sample some of the sounds from my Roland TB-303 Devilfish.

I finally got around to sampling it the other day and I have created a new sample pack I’ve just uploaded called Sounds of the Devilfish. These sample demonstrate a little of the sonic range of the devilfish modifications on the TB303.
Its contains 14 6 bar loops.
The loops are 3 bar scales repeated twice. the scales go from lower transposed C up to upper transposed C on the TB303 keyboard. The C is repeated in each scale.
It was recorded at a number of settings on the devilfish both as square wave and triangle wave all at 65 BPM.
The loops have been recorded at 24 bit 48 hz aif files.
You can get your copy from

If you’re a ableton live user you can stick them in sampler or use the slice to midi based on transients or 8ths to slice to a drum rack.

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