Roland TR-606 Samples


I have finally gotten around to sending my roland TR-606 off to Al at exfade to get modified.
So before I send it off I have sampled each drum hit at full volume with accent on but set to zero and recorded from zero accent to full accent over a number of hits. Each sample is 24 bit at 48kHz aif file. The samples are on soundcloud.

Bass Drum
Bass drum by DyLABs

Snare Drum
Snare Drum by DyLABs

Low Tom Drum
Low Tom by DyLABs

High Tom Drum
High Tom by DyLABs

Cymbal by DyLABs

Open HiHat
Open Hat by DyLABs

Closed Hi Hat
Closed Hat by DyLABs

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