Using Soundflower to record audio into Ableton Live

I have made a short screen capture of how to use Soundflower to record audio from your web browser into Ableton Live.

Soundflower is like a virtual bus for audio on your computer and you can use it to route sound from any application to any other application.

In this screen capture I record the audio from the a video about the New York Club scene from Oliver Chesler’s blog. The bit of audio I’m after is a quote from Arthur Baker about power and losing the dance floor.

This is recorded into Ableton then cropped to a loop.

Using soundflower you can bypass the need to download videos or audios and bus them straight into Ableton audio tracks using EXT In. So virtual crate diggers can raid youtube or other sources and get a whole world of sounds straight into their sampler or DAWs.
I suggest watching the video in High Def to see what’s going on.

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