Happy Birthday Acid Pattern Group

Over 3 years ago I started the acid pattern group on soundcloud.
The basic premise of the group is simple, one person uploads the pattern data for a TB303 pattern and a track using that pattern and then everyone else takes that acid pattern, sticks it in their tb303 , x0xb0x or whatever and then makes a new track with that pattern.

All the monthly patterns and the renditions are archived in the groups discussions . You may need to use soundcloud classic to see that link BTW.

Now a year ago it occurred to me it would be great to take all this music and release it as a monthly compilation EP and so it began, the Acid Pattern Group compilations. A year later its time to say Happy Birthday to the Acid Pattern Compilations. There is a years’ worth of acid patterns and their renditions available for people to listen to and download for free.

So if you like your acid go along to http://acidpattern.bandcamp.com/ and grab yourself a copy of them all.

I’d like to thank all the musicians and producers that have given up their time to make patterns and to create renditions each month, there has been far too many to mention. Its been a great pleasure to work on this for the last 3 years and I look forward to another 300 years at which point we might stop 🙂

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