Phaedra and Ableton Operator (with patches)

Ableton operator is a great FM synth with lots of options.
Using Phaedra as my main sequencer and setting up VEL > OSC is operator allows me to draw in pitch data using velocity which is then mapped to the pitch in operator. You can also assign velocity to filter frequency and other settings. Using this setup allows me to draw in pitch data rather than using the note data in phaedra, its not as accurate but its quick and dirty and good for live setup or jamming.

You can see it setup below

I’ve made a bunch of operator patches that get sound changes from velocity changes – you can download the patches here

2 thoughts on “Phaedra and Ableton Operator (with patches)

  1. Very nice. I’ve not seen Phaedra before, looks cool. How are you getting MIDI from the iPad into Ableton? I have a Camera Connection Kit, do I just need a USB-A to USB-A cable into the DAW computer? Or do I need to use a separate audio interface and send it over a MIDI cable?

    p.s. Thanks for the patches!

    p.p.s. Apologies for tech support question. I’ve been struggling to figure this out for ages.

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