Casio CZ-5000 Patches

This is my collection of patches for the Casio CZ-5000. Not quite as extensive as my TX7 or D110 collection. By contrast the CZ-5000 is easy to program and fun to play. It has some great sounds and capable of good percussive sounds as well as bass and pads. Also a big beast and good […]

Roland D-110 Patches

The Roland D-110 is another one of those patch warrior type synths. Ideally suited to computer based patch editing this synth is capable of some great sounds , but patch editors for this are few and far between these days. This is my collection of patches for the Roland D-110 for download. You can grab […]

Yamaha TX-7 Patches

The Yamaha TX-7 is a notoriously unfriendly beast to program unless you have a decent editor. Thankfully CTRL and others have made some decent up to date editors for this little box of FM goodness. But if you’re like me wading through screen of operators really doesn’t do it for you and you just want […]