Casio CZ-5000 Patches


This is my collection of patches for the Casio CZ-5000.

Not quite as extensive as my TX7 or D110 collection.

By contrast the CZ-5000 is easy to program and fun to play. It has some great sounds and capable of good percussive sounds as well as bass and pads. Also a big beast and good midi keyboard for all the other gear.

So grab all the patches for the Casio CZ-5000 and enjoy.

These patches should work on all the synths in the Casio CZ range.

16 thoughts on “Casio CZ-5000 Patches

  1. I have a CZ-5000, was a Christmas gift in 1985, played the heck out of it for five years, was great to use…just recently started using it again (I produce video part time, been busy the last twenty-odd years building and running the business), working on creating music tracks for my productions. If you have any advice on what sounds/patches to use, I’ll gladly take it into consideration, nice to get any I can. Great site, keep up the good work!

    • sorry no advice on what patches to use – depends on context I guess .
      Nice pads, piano’s etc but also good percussive sound too.
      Good luck with it and happy music making.

  2. Hi there,
    Can you produce .wav samples of CZ 5000, one-shots and loops, please. I want to load them in Maschine.
    Best regards,

    • i’ll put it on my to do list Ted.
      In the mean time you can load VSTs into maschine – there is a very good CZ one that should load these presets 🙂

  3. Hey thanks for sharing these. Gonna load them into my CZ-1 and check them out.

    Just out of curiosity, can the CZ-5000 give (and save) a patch a custom name like the CZ-1 can?


  4. i have other paches id like to load into my cz5000 as well. Is there special coding to direct these patches in the right preset bank? ive tried loading other codes that dont work so well, was wondering if theres a typical code you have to enter first like a handshake before entering a different code.

    • sorry no idea – I just used to use sysex librarian to send them to user bank.
      I swapped my cz for yamaha cs10 so no longer have it.

  5. Thanks for the patches, I recently bought a cz101 on eBay, And using an app called Sysex base with the iPad to collect libraries.

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