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I was going over some old files and found this tip about sequencing the roland sh101, so using this trick I sequenced in a little pattern and using the tr606 to play it here is a little live track, just the roland sh101 and tr606, distortion from the boss OS-2 and a little phaser in live.

As for the sequencing trick here it is for you sh101 owners

Subject: 101 sequencer tricks

Ok, I accidentaly sent my last post to someone on the list, but that’s ok
cause I was confusing myself a bit here (on account that the 101 was still
going through the ms20. whatever)

here is the sequencer function that cannot be duplicated by a midi driven
(midi to cv) system.
this is one reason i often use the 101 sequencer (even though it doesn’t
support my hard drive).

sequence something with some legato steps (hold down “hold” when you enter
the note) and some normal steps.

vcf freq = 4
env = 10

vca = env

decay = 6
sustain = 0

those are the important bits.

while the sequencer steps through, change the decay up and down.

The envelope only retriggers on non-legato steps, so legato steps trail off
into silence with delicate little arcs (esp. with portamento).

env = lfo will retrigger on each trigger in.

It is much easier to try this than to explain this. There is a lot of
sequencer fun and subtlety here, so look out.

keep the resonance down, just the square wave (no pulse width), a bit of
portamento and program octave jumps for lots of chicago trax style.

Chris Sattinger _

2 thoughts on “tr1ksh-sh101 tips

  1. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for this but it’s not possible to dwnl the file. The link is dead…

    Re-upload ?

    Thanks again !


    • Hi Lio

      that post was before soundcloud and I’m afraid the file is gone.
      I’ll check my archives and if I can find it I’ll drop it on soundcloud.


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