New Studio

I’ve just moved house so have had to take down my old standing studio. I’ve got a bit more room at the new place so it’s allowed me to get some of my old gear out of storage and rack it all up again. I’ve used the ikea stolmen shelving system from my old standing […]

Handmade Acid Good Friday BBQ

This Good Friday – David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack and owner of Melbourne’s Handmade Acid record label, invited a bunch of friends and the labels acid makers around for a celebration. This involved some good food, excellent drinks and a big synth session. For the gear heads, the Roland TR909 was the master clock device, this […]

tr1ksh-sh101 tips

I was going over some old files and found this tip about sequencing the roland sh101, so using this trick I sequenced in a little pattern and using the tr606 to play it here is a little live track, just the roland sh101 and tr606, distortion from the boss OS-2 and a little phaser in […]


this is a a 90% live track, sh101 and mc202 and tb303 recorded down in one passthe tr707 and tr606 on a second passthen effects and extra percusion and automation followedits a slowly growing acid track, getting heavier and heavier, enjoy