New Standing Studio Setup

I have just finished sorting out a new standing studio space.

I have used the ikea stolmen system for the shelving. The main gear is on the shoe racks and the shelves at top for extra bits and pieces.
The top rails was meant for cable management but its proved challenging at best.
The space is a little smaller than I used to have but this setup has the main gear I need and the room to swap in and out extra drum machines or bits and pieces. At this stage I have left the mixer out of the setup. I’m considering a line mixer with the patchbay area going into a motu.
All effects are in ableton but again as this setup progresses the hardware effects will get unboxed and be used as direct signal path.
Next up make some music .

Check out full size set on flickr
Ikea Stolmen Synth Rack studio

5 thoughts on “New Standing Studio Setup

  1. Goodmorning,

    Cheers for the photopresentation on the Stolmen Synth Racks 😉 I am planning to make one myself consisting only of the small planks.

    Considering you need to be able to play the synth, how many centimeters did you put in between the planks?



  2. Hey man,

    Thnx for this share. I bought the stolmen after i read your post.
    However, i am only using the selfs bec. the stolmen system is very unstable and moving alot.
    I slightly bumped the display model at IKEA store and stuff fell from top shelf.
    I’m attaching the stolmen shoe racks directly to wall with another wall mounting system with 3 mounts per shelf.
    I’ll post a link when it’s done if i don’t forget 🙂
    Your post was very helpful to me because i was looking for something exactly like these stolmen shoe shelves.
    By the way, i saw at the IKEA store that they have an amazing shelving system but they don’t sell them and they have fabricated them for their display pusposes only. I think they are crazy for not selling them…

    • I find bolting them to the ceiling stops them wobbling a fair amount and getting them as tight as you can before you bolt
      but i wouldnt use them for MPC type thing where you’d be hammering the pads or keys

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