New Studio

I’ve just moved house so have had to take down my old standing studio.
I’ve got a bit more room at the new place so it’s allowed me to get some of my old gear out of storage and rack it all up again.

I’ve used the ikea stolmen shelving system from my old standing studio and some of my old keyboard stands and music sheet holders from previous studio and combined them. I’ve also used the patchbay properly to have my FX units fully patchable via mixer sends.

I’ve still to resolve how to mix down things like the 808/707 when using multi channels but that can come later. As well as the analogue gear I have all my midi gear setup using the motu 128 express so can use any of those synths direct from ableton. I have made a extensive midi drum rack for my d110 for when I need those hard to find GM midi drum sounds – though the 80’s reverbed kick does sound awesome.

You can have a gander on flickr.
New Studio

The next thing to do is start making some new music. The first thing out was my rendition of the january acid pattern by drug culture.