Handmade Acid Good Friday BBQ

This Good Friday – David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack and owner of Melbourne’s Handmade Acid record label, invited a bunch of friends and the labels acid makers around for a celebration.
This involved some good food, excellent drinks and a big synth session.
For the gear heads, the Roland TR909 was the master clock device, this fed into a korg kms-10 midi / din sync unit, there were 4 Roland TB303’s – two of which we devilfish modded synced via bitchin sync din sync splitter, there were 5 Roland MC202s all daisychained, with one connected to the bitchin sync splitter unit, 2 Roland SH101s triggered by a Roland TR606 synced by the BS splitter, two x0xb0xes connected via midi out of the korg kms unit, an elektron monomachine running and a korg ER-1 mk2 both daisychained from the midi out of the 909 and a futureretro 777. The last machine but by no means the least, in fact probably the fatest sounding machine was an EMS VCS3.
The session was recorded so check Handmade Acid site for videos and audio snippets in the coming weeks.

Handmade Acid BBQ

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