March Acid Pattern

This months pattern by john faustus
Check it out Fucked Up Acid by johnfaustus
John has chopped it all to hell and back between his MPC and x0xb0x.

You can grab the pattern data here.

Stick it in your 303/x0xb0x/soft synth/modular or whatever and go mental.
Once you’re done submit it to the group.
Send us your sounds

I on the other hand didn’t do mental and took a subdues response to the whole thing with a more laid back approach whilst messing around with Ableton Live ver9 studio.

March acid pattern by DyLABs

3 thoughts on “March Acid Pattern

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to work out the timing so it doesn’t just sound like a bunch of 16th notes playing one after another. I don’t understand the circle, open circle, and dashed line though. Will you help me understand?

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