Another Haunted Xmas

My track “My Body Hurts” appears on this year’s New York Haunted Xmas compilation – Another Haunted Xmas.
The proceeds from this years compilation are going to help this crisis situation in Syria.
The Compilation is a pay what you want but we do ask you to pay what you can.

Have a listen to the compilation and please support this great cause.

The world is on fire. Again… And again the same people get the short stick. Poor people, not being able to migrate and children, scared and hurt, get left behind. Millions are in crude, make-shift camps and winter is coming. There is no heat, almost no blankets and there is a need for decent, nutritious food.

Now its easy to sit at home and comment and talk shit about the syrian conflict from behind your laptop, and we at NYH are not those kind of people. We see young people and kids in need, without food and heat and thats what really matters. So we use the only weapon we have… A shitload of great techno tracks, from all over the world, by highly talented NYH artists and covering all different aspects of the sound.

This comp is PAY WHAT YOU WANT, but we ask you to PAY WHAT YOU CAN. There’s 3 hidden bonus tracks, so do the right thing and donate, so we can pass the money on to #SAVETHECHILDREN + #ISLAMIC RELIEF and #DOCTORSWITHOUTBORDERS – all proceeds will go to #SYRIA
100% guaranteed!

Stay safe!

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