Shiny Sleek Machine

Shiny Sleek Machine

Our man down south, underground acid overlord DyLAB, is back with a new EP! Five new heavy duty acid bangers with a smoldering fire beneath their loins and only one motivation: to make you JACK. DyLAB has been working so hard these last years, releasing many great tracks back to back on loads of great […]

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

DyLAB is back at the mothership with some superb acid house! I think it’s safe to say that Dylan Davis is one of the top acid producers of the world right now and one of the very few that can equal the excitement of those first Phuture and even first Plastikman tracks. Four cuts of […]

In Debt To The Preset

VA-In Debt to the Preset

My track is SINE HOOVER AMEN part of this VA on New York Haunted. NYH175 V.A. – In Debt To The Preset by New York Haunted Somewhere out there, an engineer is creating a preset. He/she wants to do good. Make a sound that’s cool and recognizable and actually sounds like an accordion. Create a […]

Drain / Greed / Hunger

Remix:NYH116 SHANGRI​-​LIES – Drain / Greed / Hunger

On remix duties for this one. Shangri-Lies is the collaboration between three legends in their own right: DJ Parrot (Crooked Man, Sweet Exorcist) + Mark Brydon (Moloko, DJ Plankton) + Pete Hope (The Box, Hope/Kirk, Hoodoo)Together they created these three tracks of rolling, futuristic and experimental house in 2012. This was released on vinyl on […]

For The Bees Really

My track “Bees” is part of this VA to raise money to save the bees. More details below. NYH156 Various – For The Bees Really by New York Haunted Think global – act local! This is a very special comp, with some of the most interesting cutting-edge artists from all over the globe, paying tribute […]

Hot Boyzzz

A four track tape release out on New York Haunted. Hot Boyzzz features four off kilter dance floor tracks, to get you wonky as you want to be. Enjoy. Our man down under returns to the mothership with a fresh load of machine music! Its rare that you meet an artist that continues to grow […]

malibu and sess

Malibu & Sess

“Here’s something else on shiny plastic and in shiny bits: seven lengthy and hypnotic tracks that are made to play in your car and drive as fast as you can.” Some heavy hitting distorted tracks on my first CD release for New York Haunted. Roland TR808, TR707 and TR606 crushed through various pedals and Mackie […]

Another Haunted Xmas

My track “My Body Hurts” appears on this year’s New York Haunted Xmas compilation – Another Haunted Xmas. The proceeds from this years compilation are going to help this crisis situation in Syria. The Compilation is a pay what you want but we do ask you to pay what you can. Have a listen to […]