Shiny Sleek Machine

Our man down south, underground acid overlord DyLAB, is back with a new EP! Five new heavy duty acid bangers with a smoldering fire beneath their loins and only one motivation: to make you JACK. DyLAB has been working so hard these last years, releasing many great tracks back to back on loads of great labels, that one must wonder when that RA puff piece and Pitchfork review are coming. This guy is one of the great producers of our time and proves time and time again that his fierce hardware acid continues to impress.

This is no stagnant retro 1987 stuff, this is highly energetic modern music that utilizes the monosynth to its fullest capabilities. And then stretches that border up an inch again. Pure music with the hypnotic earworm doing its thing. Imaginative, powerful and aimed towards making your feet move. Tune in to the Shiny Sleek Machine..

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