cat# DU-ANGRM3


2079 a dystopian future…
After the high-tech war, the world was competing for the hegemony of technology supremacy, causing a lot of pollution on the ground.
Abandoning the earth where there is no salvation in the Real world, people began to seek hope in the Online world.
The human brain is computerized, and individuals work like software, functioning as part of a unified online society.
The human body is no exception.
People were alive by repeatedly repairing and replacing the exoskeleton body corresponding to the ground exposed to various pollution.

_DETROIT: one of the world’s leading high-tech cities
One day, the humanoid mass production system was set up due to the successful development of hardware that runs a computerized human thinking program.
As an alternative to the former humans, humanoids were born to engage in the tough labour on the polluted earth.

The excess mechanization promoted by the world along with the prosperity of technology reached a singular point at some point.
Eventually, the ego begins to emerge from the thinking program installed in the humanoid.
Gradually, the humanoid caused something that was similar to anger.
Oddly enough, it was “HUMANITY” that people threw away a long time ago.

_TOKYO: Asia’s largest cybercity
Finally, the individual thinking program treated as stuff emitted an error.
“HUMAN ERROR” “Not applicable to regulations”
It was analyzed as “AN AUTONOMOUS LIFE-FORM” for one individual indicated by the error code.

It will be the beginning of this story…

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