Acid Slice – 303% Acid Music

Acid Slice is a Melbourne based bi-monthly acid night that started in late 2017. This compilation brings together a diverse range of tracks from a range of performers, musicians and DJs that played over the 1st year period.

Acid Slice is a celebration of everything Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, Braindance, IDM, electro, footwork and every other genre that embraces the fabulous silver box, the Roland TB303. 

This compilation embodies the acid vitality of the Acid Slice events with tracks from live acts and DJs that have supported the event over the past year or more. Featuring tracks from Melbourne’s Acid legend Honeysmack, the heavy weight of Dep Affect, the sonic stylings of dyLAB, the twisting acid lines of SIRC, and the machine heaviness of Machinist to name but a few. Other artists featured on this compilation are Tangent, Lonely Faces, Arcane Trickster, Acidalius and Servalan. 

Acid Slice is Melbourne’s only 303% Acid Music night and focuses on live Acid with a least 3 live performances at each event. 

This is Acid Slice, 303% Acid Music!
released May 4, 2019 

Compiled by: dyLab and Cristian Crowley (Slice). 
Cover art by: Tristan Narbrough. 
Mastered by: Atsushi Yamane at Altphonic Studios. 

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