Original inspiration for this release comes from a wee ‘mouse’ in Amsterdam namely Richard Kuiper! Most excellent vibes from these tracks bringing unity, sleeping under the sun, inner realm. In-line a softer variant of AcidAudio from Sense followed by a most interlocked in sequence harder variant that seemed inseparable from the first one; we were asked to pick one but felt strongly that these both needed to be in series with seriously ACID. This followed up by some double happiness by DyLAB. Zpooky came along and a few of us resonated highly with it… theres the original and one (mine;) half-ass’d start to the framework i intend to complete when ebbs and flows ; ‘conditions’ are just right or feeling that way. there are artists i wont name names that just have other stuff pop up but hundreds of hours of outtakes on it so look for more complete re-works on this track later on… for now we felt strongly the work represented should go out not to wait for the other stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Acid Reflections by Roman and Steve roots extend deep but chill; decide for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚
MOUSEMIX is something i did (me.. Steve Kuehl.. ๐Ÿ™‚ hello!).. i did it one day just for my friend and colleague as a thank you based on just one mix i had centered the thought around. just to say thank you i think he’s such a great person and wanted to send give him this as just a nice intended thank you. I thought why not include it in for the people that really do like our music and buy the album. I don’t want it on soundcloud or any other cloud… i attempted to reach out to all the artists that have tracks on this mix to get their permission out of respect for them but i don’t know i wanted to do it right so it took a while – SORRY GUYS!

Roman Debnar & Steve Kuehl


seriously ACID

Out Via Beatport

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