She Gets Her Kicks in Stepney

Released as part of a VA on Nervous Affliction. Spread over 6 original works: First Afflictions EP combines a perfect mixture of hypnotic melodic, atmospheric, somewhat-acidic techno – alongside a range of downright chaotically driving, pounding, and abrasive industrial compositions.  Each track and artist has been hand-picked to match Nervous Affliction’s aesthetic feel and sonic […]

For The Bees Really

My track “Bees” is part of this VA to raise money to save the bees. More details below. NYH156 Various – For The Bees Really by New York Haunted Think global – act local! This is a very special comp, with some of the most interesting cutting-edge artists from all over the globe, paying tribute […]

Inferno Statements

My track “Juices Like Wine” is part of this compilation to raise money for Mendocino area after the fires in North California. More details below. Inferno Statements by Awkward Aches Records This compilation is a result of the Mendocino Complex wildfires disaster that occurred over the summer of 2018 in Northern California. Any and all […]

Fuses Pumping

FNOOB DiGiTAL presents Fuses Pumping a second release of brain-melting acid from Melbourne-based English expatriate and analog synth enthusiast, dyLAB. Set at 130 BPM, this release may be the antidote for those who like their techno intense, but may have been overfed on the proliferation of high-tempo, gabber-informed releases as of late. This set of […]

Rum Sodomy and the Crash

Four tracks on acid on a shny plastic disk. “We over here at Degenerate Trifecta are very excited to have in our possession some of Melbourne’s finest acid. Proprietor of fine acid mayhem, dyLAB joins the DT crew with a banging quad dose EP, taking you to the edge of darkness and beyond. Be careful […]

Hot Boyzzz

A four track tape release out on New York Haunted. Hot Boyzzz features four off kilter dance floor tracks, to get you wonky as you want to be. Enjoy. Our man down under returns to the mothership with a fresh load of machine music! Its rare that you meet an artist that continues to grow […]

Climax EP

Out on Bug Klinik Records, Climax is named after the town, Climax, which is situated equidistant between Chicago and Detroit. These four tracks are a blend of Chicago Acid house and Detroit techno styles. Enjoy the acid techno goodness. Climax EP by dyLAB

Würzig EP on Acid Worx

Würzig is a follow up to my Säure EP last year on Acid Worx. This Würzig EP features some power acid tracks alongside some deeper acid vibes. Twisting my array of acid machines into a sonic groove, Würzig will have you going in all directions. Enjoy. Würzig EP by dyLAB

The Pot – Honeylab

Really happy to collaborate with Melbourne Acid legend Honeysmack on this EP. Brain Food Records’ inaugural release is by the dynamic duo HoneyLab, aka Honeysmack and Dylab. HoneyLab are music loving, hardware fanatics that bring their formidable combined cornucopia of synthesisers and drum machines together to launch Brain Food Records upon the unsuspecting universe. HoneyLab […]


Broken Bicyles

Lots of heavy breathing as a result of hill climbs inspired a few of the track on this EP “Broken Bicycles.” The EP is 6 tracks of acid and techno, with a mix of pace and vibes, some deep and slow, some fast and furious. Plenty of TB303 action on here but lots of other […]

A King Without A Castle

A King Without a Castle

7 original tracks of acid and techno goodness with remixes from Marshall Applewhite and Joe Sousa, A King Without A Castle is out now on Detroit Underground records. Also features videos for each track available via DU-VHS app and on youtube. Supertramp, acid and techno music are not usually synonymous. On “A King Without a […]


Poison Paradise

Poison Paradise, a 4 track EP out on Portuguese label Toxic Records. A mix of pace and styles on this, a couple of mellow laid back grooves and some a bit more upbeat and uptempo. A range of machines on these tracks to, a bit of acid from the TB303, a little stab of the […]



Submission is a 4 track EP for Melbourne label Slice Records. A mix of acid tinged techno, with traces of Roland TB303 influence on each track. Plenty of vibes on this release and some blurb that I just have to share. Machine soul music crafted with love from his studio on the Mornington Peninsula, dyLAB […]

down to zero

Down to Zero

“Down to Zero” 9 tracks of emotive, rhythmic techno available on digital and CD. Blending the tones and textures of various arsenal of machines in my studio. Notable inclusions are the Roland TR808, TB303 and SH101 performing a singing role on the first track. Thanks to the crew for Seance for supporting me not only […]

malibu and sess

Malibu & Sess

“Here’s something else on shiny plastic and in shiny bits: seven lengthy and hypnotic tracks that are made to play in your car and drive as fast as you can.” Some heavy hitting distorted tracks on my first CD release for New York Haunted. Roland TR808, TR707 and TR606 crushed through various pedals and Mackie […]



Tonic is a self released three track electro EP. The name Tonic is a reference to the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic drum synthesiser. The three tracks all utilised the PO-32 for their rhythmic components. Each track features a different main synthesiser. The synths featured on this EP are the Roland TB303, SH101 and MC202. Happy […]