For The Bees Really

My track “Bees” is part of this VA to raise money to save the bees. More details below.

Think global – act local! This is a very special comp, with some of the most interesting cutting-edge artists from all over the globe, paying tribute to a powerful force in nature. A small yellow and black striped little creature that keeps nature in its green and glowing state, the bee. 

Times have been tough for this little one, slowly dying in mass amounts due to our massive pollution of air, water and even airwaves. But what people don’t seem to realise is that the demise of the bee is the first step towards an unavoidable extinction of all life on this mud ball. 

We, humans, have probably deserved that, but countless species of animals and plantlife have been here millions of years before us and they will be the innocent bystanders of our car crash. These artists have pledged all the income generated by this superb compilation to be donated to: an organisation that will go to any length to preserve bee life on the planet. 

The music is varied, somewhere between extreme electronics and experimental techno and if you listen closely, you can hear that all of these tracks have bee sounds incorporated in them! We are proud to share this with the world: its for the bees REALLY!

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