Fuses Pumping

FNOOB DiGiTAL presents Fuses Pumping a second release of brain-melting
acid from Melbourne-based English expatriate and analog synth
enthusiast, dyLAB. Set at 130 BPM, this release may be the antidote for
those who like their techno intense, but may have been overfed on the
proliferation of high-tempo, gabber-informed releases as of late.

This set of five tracks features classic Roland subtractive synth and
drum gear plus newer-school Korg Volca FM, Digitakt sampler and even a
Yamaha CS-10 monosynth. Things begin with “Bridge at Midnight”, an
appropriate name for a first track bridging from a tonal space to a
place much weirder. A slightly detuned sawtooth synth loop dominates
here, accompanied by a filter-swept monotonic acid line and 909-ish drums.

The techno train rolls out the station with the second track, “Humming
in a Frenzy”. An atonal, ascending sequence of complex waveform builds
energy as the filter sweeps up accompanied by mid-range acid and a
909-flavored kick/open hat pattern cascading through claps, snares and
ride cymbal.

The title track (track 3) is a pumping, high-energy affair with a lead
sequence left unable to resolve itself. Hats, claps and rim chase a
filter, bringing the tension up and down, followed by a detuned
train-horn chord.

The fourth track, “One Last Glimpse”, returns to a major key but with a
suspended 2nd chord pounded out repeatedly on what sounds like
physically-modeled bells. Again, TR-909-flavored percussion percolates.

Final track, “I’m a Shooting Star”, ends the release with a 5 step acid
sequence played off 4/4 kick, cymbal, and claps. Discordant tension
reigns here with a punctuating tritone.

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