Out now on Lisbon based Toxic Recordings, is a new release from the
Melbourne-based producer, dyLAB.

dyLAB brings five infectious and futuristic 303 tracks:
Eudorina EP gets going with “Elegans” electro breakbeats, snappy
percussion, shaking hats and a fast stabbing acid bassline, all
perfectly accompanied by spacious synthetic bleeps.
“Llinoisensis” slows things down with some stripped back Chicago acid
house vibes, floating pads and jackin’ cowbells.
“Minodii” is a deep cavernous acid groove punctuated with sharp
precise percussion and off kilter shuffling hats.
“Cylindrica” follows, stepping things up a notch with a hard driving
acid lines, over the top of ethereal synth sounds all the while driven
harder by fierce percussion.
Last but definitely not least, “Unicocca” closes out the EP, moving
the acid line in to wild sonic territory over some seriously jackin’
707 style beats.

Track list:
1 dyLAB Elegans (Original Mix)
2 dyLAB Llinoisensis (Original Mix)
3 dyLAB Minodii (Original Mix)
4 dyLAB Cylindrica (Original Mix)
5 dyLAB Unicocca (Original Mix)

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