Dances on all Fours

Out now on Spanish label Soil Records, is a new tape release from the
Melbourne-based producer, dyLAB. dyLAB working with Pete Hope’s
distinctive vocals to brings some old school deep acid house vibes.
The tape includes remixes from New York Haunted label boss, Drvg
Cvltvre, Mrs Dink, White Magick and SOJ.

The tape starts and Hot Bitumen begins, a slow sticky liquid acid
groove that floats over the top of heavy 707 drums while Pete’s vocals
describes to you the Hot Bitumen.
Sharp, Pete’s vocals cut to the quick, and so it continues, the
driving 707 with bubbling razor sharp acid lines.
A Fat Little Insect, is electro fuelled acid house business with some
ubiquitous cow bell action.
Stripped back to the raw, Birthday Suit takes a wonky bending acid
line and twists it over Chicago house rhythms, and Pete’s back and it
fits so tight.
The tape ends, so turn it over.
The B side in name only kicks off with Drvg Cvltvre’s Tuned To A Dead
Channel Remix, acid meets drone in a deep underground cavern and there
is no kick drum in sight.
Soj’s Bass Me remix of Sharp hits heavy EBM vibes reminiscent of
cinematic score of Tetsuo the Iron Man, heavy metal business – ferrous
tape goodness.
A Fat Little Insect remix by White Magik drops the whole tune in
liquid nitrogen and delivers some cold ass futuristic electro vibes.
Finishing of the tape, Mrs Dink remixes Birthday suit, dressing the
track in wonky discordant synths and steely beats, maybe this track is
last but it is by no means least.
Click the tape end, turn it over and start again..

Track list:
1. dyLAB & Pete Hope – Hot Bitumen
2. dyLAB & Pete Hope – Sharp
3. dyLAB – A Fat Little Insect
4. dyLAB & Pete Hope – Birthday Suit
5. dyLAB & Pete Hope – Hot Bitumen (Drvg Cvltvre’s Tuned To A Dead
Channel Remix)
6. dyLAB & Pete Hope – Sharp (Soj Bass Me remix)
7. dyLAB – A Fat Little Insect (White Magik remix)
8. dyLAB & Pete Hope – Birthday Suit (Mrs Dink’s remix)

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