Wordsmith EP out now on Acid All Stars

My WordSmith Project has been released as an EP on Acid All Stars.

You can buy a copy of it on Beatport.

Have a listen to it here.

The EP is based around the concept of using the Roland TB-303 as a typewriter, and writing short words or phrases using the notes of the 303 and seeing what works, musically.
The rhythms all come from the Roland TR-707, some live and some multitracked. Enjoy the Acid.

Promo Blurb “Melbourne’s finest, Dylab returns strong with his first EP for the acidallstars label. His unique version of old school acid mixed with new school sensibility keeps his sound fresh and unique, while timeless all the same. An amazing take on 80’s acid that draws influence from as far as 80’s pop to 80’s punk and keeps it firmly tongue in cheek. Dylab ain’t going nowhere soon, and his steady stream of releases and work on acid pattern groups over the years has made him a household name over the years. We’re super stoked to have him release with us again and look forward to bombing melbourne with him soon.”

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