1 Year Old – The Acid Pattern Group – May Acid Pattern

1 year ago the acid pattern group started and its still going on …

Each month one of the group members submits a tb303 pattern for
everyone to load into their 303, x0xb0x’s or soft synths to make some

The May Acid Pattern is from Acid All Stars bathsh3ba

bathsh3ba acid pattern may 2011 by bathsh3ba

You can grab the pattern data from here

Stick the pattern into your favourite analogue device and kick out
some fine acid goodness.
Post the aforementioned acid goodness as an audio file into the soundcloud group


Here is my rendition, enjoy.
May Acid Pattern by DyLABs

You can grab this empty pattern sheet from here

There is a noisepage archive for all the old patterns.

happy music making

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