Live Set for Unfold

Unfold is an local Organisation aimed at cultivating Melbourne’s Techno community. Through their events, podcasts and any medium they can get our hands on, they aim to give artists a space to breath, create and unfold. They asked me recently to do a live set for their podcast series, so I got all the gear […]

dyLAB Radio Shows

Radio Show Archive

I have archived all my radio shows for FNOOB TECHNO and Seance Radio on You can grab all the FNOOB shows here All the Seance Radio shows are available here Seance also have an archive on their website. You can grab them all here

Studio Setup 0.1 EP

Now I finally have a studio setup I have been exploring the audio possibilities of this setup. This EP is a collection of jams exploring my setup. Its free to download. Its primarily a drum machine based standing setup, with trigger outs running the SH101 & the Boss PC-2. All the other gear is synced […]

Casio CZ-5000 Patches

This is my collection of patches for the Casio CZ-5000. Not quite as extensive as my TX7 or D110 collection. By contrast the CZ-5000 is easy to program and fun to play. It has some great sounds and capable of good percussive sounds as well as bass and pads. Also a big beast and good […]

Roland D-110 Patches

The Roland D-110 is another one of those patch warrior type synths. Ideally suited to computer based patch editing this synth is capable of some great sounds , but patch editors for this are few and far between these days. This is my collection of patches for the Roland D-110 for download. You can grab […]

Yamaha TX-7 Patches

The Yamaha TX-7 is a notoriously unfriendly beast to program unless you have a decent editor. Thankfully CTRL and others have made some decent up to date editors for this little box of FM goodness. But if you’re like me wading through screen of operators really doesn’t do it for you and you just want […]

Old Cassettes

I’ve uploaded some old cassettes to soundcloud, one was marked “hard as shit” and “pollution” – which is mostly from chilling fm circa 1993/4 the other was marked “spectrum” which is a mix tape probably around 1993 too. These are both downloadable, so have at them. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] [soundcloud […]