Celebrating 30 years of Acid House, TRAX records have put out this compilation with my remix of Screaming Rachel’s “The British are Coming”. Its some old school acid vibes, scary vocals, tb303 acid line and usual acid house drum machines from the Roland stable. Here’s the link to beatport.

Some sounds seem to short-circuit our notions of new and old, future and retro. The Roland SH-101, the Roland TB-303 bass line generators and the many, many synthesizers that have tried to copy them, are the most recognizable and timeless of the gurgles, burps, whoops and warbles of acid. The 303 was only manufactured for two years, from 1982 to 1984, and was little-used at the time; It was not until 1986 that Chicagoan Earl Smith Jr. (aka Spanky, of House Hall of Famers Phuture), at the command of his bandmate Nathaniel Pierre Jones (aka DJ Pierre) sat up late one night exploring the little silver box’s sounds and welding them to a dancefloor drum pattern.The tune they made from that experiment was played to death by the legendary local DJ Ron Hardy, released the next year as “Acid Tracks E.P.” and went on to change the world, distributed exclusively by TRAX Records.

Now, 30 years on that first E.P. and after the succession of many other Acid House successes on TRAX, we who are the founders and the home of the genre, we celebrate this evocative anniversary, so from the first E.P. called Acid Tracks E.P., Screamin’ Rachael and Carmelo Carone compiled Acid 30 Tracks Various Artists. An unparalleled collection that includes 30 tracks representing the past and present of the true Acid soul! fantastic special ever young living creature in music! we are the authentic ones, we are the original, we are TRAX Records !!

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