Forever – for Mutley

On Saturday the 15th of March an old friend of mine passed away, he lost his fight with cancer and left behind a young family.

I met Mutley in the early 90’s and got to know him over the years, as we were both regulars at warehouse raves, free festivals and squat parties at the time. The last time I saw Mutley was in 1999 at a squat party in an office block in the middle  of a roundabout outside Waterloo station. So its been over 14 years since I last saw Mutley in the flesh but I still have strong memories of him and was deeply saddened to hear he had passed away.

So as a tribute to him & his memory and in an effort to do something positive, I have asked my friends here in Melbourne and overseas to either make or donate a track to a musical compilation that could be sold to raise money for the hospice that looked after him .

The end result is this eight track EP called Forever .

All sales of this album will go directly to the St Clare Hospice –

I’d like to thanks those friends who contributed tracks or time to master track. So thanks to Adam, Carl, Dave, Scott, Steve, Steve and Warren & Tracie.

Have a listen below & buy yourself a copy.

[bandcamp width=350 height=720 album=1082614241 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

2 thoughts on “Forever – for Mutley

  1. Hi there…this is a wonderful idea! Mutley would be so touched….wondering if I met you back then? I was most certainly at that rave in Waterloo with Mutley (though must admit my memories are very hazy!!)…I have donated but wonder if I did it the wrong way? I dontated with the button on the right of the page, I didn’t realise I should press ‘buy’. will this count?

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