Acid Mix for Awkward Moments blog

I was asked by Awkward Moments blog to put together a mix of some of my favorite acid tracks as well as a few of my own tunes and a few other bits and pieces too. The resulting mix is available from their blog or you can stream it from Download link: […]

Bad Acid EP

My next EP should be out soon. In the next 250 days as the contract say. 🙂 Its called Bad Acid and its a three tracker. It features a bit of 909 acid and some tracks with the my new 808. Its my first EP for 2011 and glad to get some new tracks finished […]

December Acid Pattern

The December Acid Pattern In Christmas We Trust by Honeysmack by DyLABs The pattern is from Melbourne’s Honeysmack ( ) You can grab the pattern data from here The pattern can then be programmed into your tb303 or x0x box tocreate a new track.The pattern could be programmed into your vst such as ABL […]

The November Acid Pattern

The soundcloud monthly acid pattern group is rolling on nicely.This months acid pattern is from the Acid Jacks. The pattern data is This is the original pattern they did Acid Jacks – Sweet November Acid Rain by Acid Jacks This is my retake on it November Pattern Jam by DyLABs There are a few other […]

Some Fine Sunday Acid Jams

These are two excerpts from some live acid james from yesterday.These feature the devilfish tb303, the tr606 and the sh101.All play into ableton live and then FX in live. Enjoy the fresh jam. The First is pretty much dry, with the accent out of the tb303 triggering the sh101. Sunday live jammed by DyLABs This […]

October Acid Pattern

This is a short jam with the devilfish and the tr606 with the October acid pattern from the acid pattern group. The acid line is being sent to the TAL UNO Chorus and ping pong delay and gran delay in chain using live, the tr606 is dry. Enjoy October 303 noodle by DyLABs

July Acid Pattern

the monthly acid pattern group rolls on – its now july and its time for a new acid pattern – so here is the new one You can listen to it here July Acid Pattern by DyLABs For those of you without tb303’s I have transcribed it roughly into midi piano roll, note there is […]

Gooned – new kinda track

This track started out life as a bit of messing around with a sh101 sequence.The sequence in the sh101 is triggered by LT trigger out from my tr606 with a bit of live building and the such.The sequence is then fucked with by taking the Ht trigger out from my tr606 and running it through […]

Tuesday Tekno Jam

keeping the music going even if its just a jamthis is a short jam using devilfish tb303, the sh101 and tr606 there is some short delay and reverb and a bit of filtering going on, on some sendsenjoy Tuesday tekno by DyLABs

been making visuals

I have been messing around with particle systems and kaleidoscopes in after effects to make some visuals for my CAPATCHA EP Linking properties to the audio amplitude is a great way to get everything to synch, so for some eye bending visuals take a gander you can grab a copy of the CAPATCHA EP on […]

TS -303 : the acid screamer

My latest purchase has been the analogue renaissance ts-303 acid screamer distortion and overdrive pedalYou can find details of it on the analogue renaissance site.Basically it adds distortion but has the ability to keep the dynamics of the tracks thats being distorted, which is great for acid tracks and drums and any other type of […]


this is a a 90% live track, sh101 and mc202 and tb303 recorded down in one passthe tr707 and tr606 on a second passthen effects and extra percusion and automation followedits a slowly growing acid track, getting heavier and heavier, enjoy