December Acid Pattern

The December Acid Pattern In Christmas We Trust by Honeysmack by DyLABs The pattern is from Melbourne’s Honeysmack ( ) You can grab the pattern data from here The pattern can then be programmed into your tb303 or x0x box tocreate a new track.The pattern could be programmed into your vst such as ABL […]

The November Acid Pattern

The soundcloud monthly acid pattern group is rolling on nicely.This months acid pattern is from the Acid Jacks. The pattern data is This is the original pattern they did Acid Jacks – Sweet November Acid Rain by Acid Jacks This is my retake on it November Pattern Jam by DyLABs There are a few other […]

October Acid Pattern

This is a short jam with the devilfish and the tr606 with the October acid pattern from the acid pattern group. The acid line is being sent to the TAL UNO Chorus and ping pong delay and gran delay in chain using live, the tr606 is dry. Enjoy October 303 noodle by DyLABs

July Acid Pattern

the monthly acid pattern group rolls on – its now july and its time for a new acid pattern – so here is the new one You can listen to it here July Acid Pattern by DyLABs For those of you without tb303’s I have transcribed it roughly into midi piano roll, note there is […]