Does Not Compute

Melbourne based Hardware wizzard dyLAB returns to work his magick for Hypnohouse Trax armed with a myriad of synths and drum machines,
he delivers an album of raw analogue techno and quirky acid!

Essentially an album of live hardware jams edited down to tracks.
giving it that live and spontanius energy which works perfectly with this style of music

Dylan is and known and respected for his curation of the monthly acid pattern group (where 303 protagonists build tracks around a shared pattern) and has crafted a solid body of music for labels like New York Haunted, Clan Destine, Balkan Recordings, Gigabeat Records, Avioground Records,Devilbeat, Swishcotheque, Acid All Stars, Handmade Acid, BWLR and Council House records

Early DJ Support from;
Ade Fenton, Audio Pirate, Clarkee [Area 51], DJ K.N (Mass United), Daz Furey, Gabor Nelman, John Rowe, Louk / Hidden Identity, Wayne DJC [Beyond Control] and hopefully you!

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