VA-In Debt to the Preset

My track is SINE HOOVER AMEN part of this VA on New York Haunted.

Somewhere out there, an engineer is creating a preset. He/she wants to do good. Make a sound that’s cool and recognizable and actually sounds like an accordion. Create a rhythm that actually sounds like salsa, or a marching band. But we, the users of the instruments, dispise his/her work. Using presets is the lowest of the low, something you just can’t ever do. Tweak the preset. Don’t ever use the preset. Create ‘an ‘original’ sound that can become iconic. So iconic, that at one point an engineer will attempt to recreate it for a preset…

This is a special release for all of you, from all of us at New York Haunted. We wanted to share with you some of our fav presets and create tracks with them in which they are still recognizable. This is not some ironic hipster joke, this is us paying tribute to the men and women that created banks upon banks of presets for the gear we like to use. We hear ya, and even though we don’t use the presets, we appreciate the thoughts of adding them to the instruments! We are forever IN DEBT TO THE PRESET!

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