VOTE ACID! Compilation – NYH87 V​.​A. – VOTE ACID!

Vince and myself put together this 14 track acid compilation. It features a range of acid lovers from around the world donating their music for a good cause.
I have a track on here, a slow half time acid number, using the Korg SQ1 to sequence by Roland TB303. The Devilfish mods allow the cv/gate control.
So enjoy the music and grab yourself a copy. All money raised goes to help homeless street kids in the UK.

As musicians, our power is limited. We create music out of thin air and weave melodies and rhythms together, but when it comes to big decisions, no government will ever say: lets ask the artists.

The UK is at a crossroads right now, making big moves away from the rest of the globe and trying to hold on to their old idea of being a world power player. The 14 artists on this compilation can probably not swing your opinion either way, but we’d like to call your attention to a not so flattering byproduct of modern politics.

Brought there by numerous reasons, there are currently thousands and thousands of kids roaming the streets of major cities all across the UK. These boys and girls are either runaways, running from domestic abuse and or bigot parents, or just unlucky people that lost their jobs and have no way to keep paying the steep rents and or mortgages that city life demands.

We can’t do much, but we can at least try to help these kids. Vote any way you want, but think of the weak and trampled when you do. Buy this comp if you can, all proceeds will be donated to help street youth in the UK.

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