fishy technology

Fishy Technology

When my new purchased Technology Transplant TT303 met with my TB303 Devilfish something good was bound to happen. What followed was a series of 15 minute acid workouts for you to enjoy. You can buy all three of these serious workouts from my bandcamp page

steel house

Steel House

A four track EP celebrating the joy of the 1940’s Australian classic steel prefab Beaufort Home. These beautifully constructed homes are now a rare architectural oddity in Victoria though at the time there were plans to build 1000’s of these modernist steel beauties. You can buy this EP direct from my bandcamp page.


SH101 Business

This is my homage to the great little synth the Roland SH101. Each track is uses a specific VCO range to create the sounds. This is a 4 track EP with some proper techno vibes. You can buy it now direct from my bandcamp page.

Forever – for Mutley

On Saturday the 15th of March an old friend of mine passed away, he lost his fight with cancer and left behind a young family. I met Mutley in the early 90’s and got to know him over the years, as we were both regulars at warehouse raves, free festivals and squat parties at the time. […]


I have a new EP out called Microrack on a new independent acid label out of Australia called Vict’ry Acid . This 3 track EP a big work out for my boss micro rack effect boxes and features the SH101 as the main sequencer and cv out from the 101 running the tb303. Its pretty […]

Studio Setup 0.1 EP

Now I finally have a studio setup I have been exploring the audio possibilities of this setup. This EP is a collection of jams exploring my setup. Its free to download. Its primarily a drum machine based standing setup, with trigger outs running the SH101 & the Boss PC-2. All the other gear is synced […]

August Remix Action

I’ve been busy working on some new tracks and some remixes. Here are some snippets of this months remixes. A variety of styles from house to extreme hardcore stuff. Its always good fun to try and expand the range of sounds used and try new styles I’ve not tried before. Also I’m always up for […]

JAK IS BAK – EP10 – Seastorm / Stormcell

My remix for the latest JAK IS BAK release is available on soundcloud as a full preview of the origianl and all the remixes. JAK IS BAK: EP10: seastorm / stormcell originals by @Siesta Submarina | ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ This 10th release bringing deep vibrations with the original works coming from Trondheim, Norway – presents […]

Sky Lab EP out now

SKY LAB EP OUT NOW. Some serious 909 techno business. “this is a rhythmic hymn to the power of the Roland rhythm box: rolling, jerking and jacking in all the best ways. For fans of Happa, Kowton, Blawan, Green Velvet, Thomas Bangalter, DJ Sneak, DJ Pierre etc. Don’t sleep on this.” Out now on at […]

Handmade Acid Good Friday BBQ

This Good Friday – David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack and owner of Melbourne’s Handmade Acid record label, invited a bunch of friends and the labels acid makers around for a celebration. This involved some good food, excellent drinks and a big synth session. For the gear heads, the Roland TR909 was the master clock device, this […]


After a long wait my collaborative EP with Poor Boy Rich is finally out. The MILWAUKEE VS MELBOURNE EP is out now on Council House recordings. It features my two Acid Pass tracks which are remixes of Poor Boy Rich’s original GST3 track, as well as remixes by Anaxander and Moody B. You can grab […]

More Jak is Bak

The Jak is Bak series continues with two new releases from BWLR. This has been a great project to work on and there is still more great music to come on this. JAK IS BAK – EP5 – STRUCTURES OF ACID with tracks and remixes from ESSE SOMFAY, DYLAB, COLDFUTURE, HIGHSAGE, REALITY SANDWICH, STEVE KUEHL, […]

Made in Melbourne Volume 2

Out now on Acid All Stars records is the second Made in Melbourne compilation. I have 1 track on this, and it features some great acid tekno tracks from Melbourne’s Syndrome, N3ocort3x and DTM. So if you’re wondering what Melbourne acid tekno is all about give this a listen. Out now as a beatport exclusive. […]

Jak is Bak

For the lat few months I’ve been working on with a collection of musicians from around the world as part of the Jak is Bak project. The project is the brain child of Steve Kuehl who runs the label BWL Recordings. Its been a pleasure creating original tracks and remixes for this project. The plan […]

New Release : Acid Council

I’ve got a new track out on Council House Recordings Acid Sampler. I’m really happy to get a track out on their label. They’re putting out some great old school acid house and techno, and they share my love of the analogue machines. The track is called Acid Council and the release clip is below. […]

Made In Melbourne EP

This is a new EP which features one track from me and 3 remixes by local Melbourne Producers. I wasn’t having much studio time available to me while I was writing this, so I thought the remix Ep would be a good way of getting some interesting collaborations happening. It always good to hear what […]

Wordsmith EP videos

I love messing around in After Effects – grabbed some old video from and synched the time ghost effect to audio amplitude and a little bit of venetian blind effect for interlace lines. Here’s the end result – videos for my WordSmith EP. Enjoy.  

Filter In EP Out Now

My new EP Filter In is out now on Acid All StarsYou can grab it on Beatport The EP was based around some of Mike Dredd’s comments regarding the production of Universal Indicator. I’ve used the Filter In of the devilfish 303 to take sounds and filter, mix and modify them . I also used […]