Studio Setup 0.1 EP

Now I finally have a studio setup I have been exploring the audio possibilities of this setup. This EP is a collection of jams exploring my setup. Its free to download.

Its primarily a drum machine based standing setup, with trigger outs running the SH101 & the Boss PC-2. All the other gear is synced via the bitchin’ sync unit and expert sleepers silent way.  I have also got all my effects units patched via a patchbay so can chain effects units together easily. A sheet music stand for my pedals and they can be quick inserts via the mixer. It makes for good jamming fun. I can also multitrack all this via the ultra lite in ableton for actual track making.

Studio Setup 0.1 7 jams of a variety of techno styles free to download via bandcamp..  

Enjoy the sounds.

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    1. I have a question about your SH-101.. I have one too and have just bought the new Roland sync-box for converting midi maps written in Ableton to CV to feed into the 101.
      So far so good..

      My problem is that the synth itself isn’t clocked to the tempo of Ableton. I’ve tried outing a channel on the sound card with an audio cable to the CLK IN using a low frequency kick drum..
      Any thoughts on how I might succeed in getting the synth to sync with Ableton?

      • I use expert sleepers silent way to control most of my gear. Are you using CV/GATE? Gate does the timing, CV does the pitch. With the SH101 I use the internal sequencer and trigger that from the trigger out of the TR606 or other drum machine going into the CLK IN . Silent Way has a trigger out module that will sync the sequencer on the SH101 perfectly to Ableton using the same method. If you want to sync the SH101 LFO tempo to Ableton you’ll need to get your SH101 modified to do that. Mine has additional filter in and modulation in so I can modulate filter from Ableton using Silent Way.
        Hope that helps – let me know how you get on.

        • I can see my fault now. I’m setting parameters on the 101 which uses signal from the LFO to modulate the patterns I’m feeding into the 101 from Ableton via my Sync-Box. If I set the pulse width to manual or env, only use the keyboard and env faders in the VCF section and set the VCO to anything other than LFO, my problem of not having the LFO sync’d to Ableton is removed.
          I have found if I adjust the LFO to about 82 BPM I can create a swing on a pattern coming from Ableton at 124 BPM, it’s like every 3rd note in the bar drops out, gives me ideas for some pretty swingy dub techno..
          I’ve also found throwing in the mod fader during playback of patterns with various settings on the LFO can create some pretty trippy variations in the pattern. Open up the filter a bit and things can get a bit shifted.

          Thanks for the tips, it really helped! along with the latter part of this, , which helped understanding ‘trigger out’ like you mentioned with your 606.

          Here’s a littler exploration of what I’ve learnt thus far.

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